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Cahier technique Apéritif Tariquet
Tariquet l'Apéritif
Origin :
The Grassa family vineyards span 800 hectares of land in the heart of Gascony, producing Vin de Pays wines and Bas-Armagnac brandies. This cultural kaleidoscope gave rise to Apéritif Tariquet, a blend of our finest grape juice and Folle Blanche eau-de-vie. Serving suggestion Serve well chilled to enjoy a bouquet full of subtle aromas and dazzling, delicious flavours on the palate. It would be a shame to dilute this well-balanced complexity by adding a few ice cubes.
Serving suggestion :
Un nez tout en nuance, une bouche éclatante et gourmande qui révèle un bel équilibre servi très frais. Complexité qu’il serait dommage de diluer  par l’ajout de quelques glaçons.
Tasting notes :
Sparkling pale golden hue. The bouquet is initially intense, with suggestions of stone fruit and cherry stems, leading to subtle hints of white blossom. The Folle Blanche then rises to the palate with great purity, revealing a distinctive fullness and delicious flavours, striking a perfect balance between the crispness and sweetness of fresh grapes. Ripe greengage and raisin pulp aromas released at mid-palate lead to traces of sweet almond on the finish. A typically Gascon aperitif, openly inviting us to share a balmy summer evening in good company. By Francis Miquel, Sommelier.
By Francis Miquel, sommelier.