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Environmental regulations
and respect for consumers!

The Grassa family has always adhered to the basic values of rural life. Honesty – never selling a product for more than it is worth; dedication – planting vines requires long-term commitment from a winemaker; order and respect – only a well-balanced vine will produce good grapes; we must also give back to Nature what she so generously offers.

To respect our commitments we have adopted environmental best practices, such as organic manuring. In order to limit the impact of treatments on the grape juice, we use partially demineralised water with a lowered pH level to dilute active ingredients. The results are enlightening; pesticide treatments have been cut by 40%. Our effluent treatment plant ensures our waste water no longer has an environmental impact.

Finally, the use of sulphites has been reduced to the strict minimum, as antioxidants such as Vitamin C are the preferred alternative. Furthermore, our glass bottles, aluminium caps, paper labels and cardboard packaging are all 100% recyclable.